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Robot Bunny. Robot Rabbit liked feeling the grass under his feet and the sunshine on his back He cheered while his friends played and he even tossed the ball twice Spread 10 Dramatic moment as the ball hits Robot Rabbit’s face/monitor Bunnies’ speech bubbles.

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PlotCensorshipGoofsNotesExternal LinksElmer Fudd is a carrot farmer who spots Bugs&#39 rabbit hole claiming that Bugs has raided his carrot farm “Ooohh that wascal wabbit&#39s in my carrots again!” and decides to shoot him with a gun “I&#39ll fix that wabbit for good this time!” After shooting into an empty hole Bugs had conveniently left the hole then attempts his “fake dying” act Elmer exclaims “The rabbit kicked the bucket” then he and Bugs start dancing and celebrating until Elmer begins to realize Bugs tricked him as the rabbit is still very much alive This action prompts Fudd to call “ACMEPest Control” (“Hewwo? ACME Pest Contwol? Weww I&#39ve got a pest I want to contwowd”) for a robot with the express purpose of evicting Bugs The robot initially confuses a mule for a rabbit and Elmer — who was trying to explain to the robot what a rabbit looks like — for his intended target before getting the early upperhand Bugs quickly evens the score by luring his antagonist under a rotating water sprinkler causing the rob This cartoon was shown with parts cut on ABC CBS and the syndicated The Merrie Melodies Show 1 ABC&#39s version on The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Showcut the robot mistaking both a mule and Elmer mimicking a rabbit for Bugs and blasting the two of them with his laser gun 2 CBS&#39 version on The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Showalso cut the robot shooting the mule and Elmer In addition the part where Elmer fires his rifle in Bugs&#39 rabbit hole and Bugs faking being shot and kicking a nearby bucket (with Elmer exclaiming “The wabbit kicked the bucket” and singing it along with Bugs until he realizes he&#39s been duped) was also cut as well as the part near the end where the robot and Bugs go back and forth underneath a pile driver at a construction site (though the aftermath/punchline to that joke where Bugs returns with a bucket containing the remnants of Elmer&#39s robot after Elmer wonders to himself what happened to it was not cut) 3 The syndicated and FOXrun versions of The Merrie Melodie When Bugs says “I see this cigarette machine&#39s gonna cause me no end of trouble” as he gets chased by the robot his mouth doesn&#39t move The opening song is “In a Little Red Barn (On a Farm down in Indiana)”The part where the robot sifts the ground on a large sieve to catch Bugs is recycled animation from “Rabbit Every Monday”This short contains a unique version of the “What&#39s Up Doc” theme sounding more robotic and futuristic than the other versionsA similarlooking robot would later appear in the 1964 Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester short “Nuts and Volts” “Robot Rabbit” at SuperCartoonsnet”Robot Rabbit” on the SFX Resource Video Duration 3 min.


Robot Rabbit Directed by Friz Freleng With Mel Blanc Arthur Q Bryan Bugs Bunny faces off against Farmer Fudd&#39s robot.

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Interactive Robotic Rabbit that Eats Om nom nom Zoomer Hungry Bunnies are ready for a snack! These adorable bunnies love to nibble and munch! Feed them a paper treat and they’ll chew it right up! Hungry Bunnies love to eat bunny food like carrots ice cream popsicles and more! When Hungry Bunnies are full they’ll play a happy 44/5 (91)Brand ZoomerAge range (description) Suitable for children aged 5 years and aboveColour Various Colours.

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The robot who is called Ameca and known for her very realistic facial expressions starts by telling the delighted TIkToker that she can see the rabbit ears the woman is wearing Golden Retriever Video Duration 52 secAuthor Lydia Veljanovski.