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Mechanical Reasoning Test Firefighter. Mechanical aptitude practice exams give you questions that will help prepare you for mechanical questions on your real fire fighter exam Questions cover a range of topics related to fire fighting tools and the way machines used for fire fighting work Many questions come with graphical depictions as those shown below.

Mechanical Aptitude Test Updated 2021
Mechanical Aptitude Test Updated 2021 from

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Different Suppliers of Mechanical Reasoning Tests Bennett Test of Mechanical Comprehension The Bennett Test of Mechanical Comprehension has been used for more than 50 years by employers and schools to evaluate an individual’s ability to solve basic mechanical problems Most commonly this test is taken as part the assessment process for businesses.

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Firefighter Written Test Study Guide Mechanical Reasoning Practice This type of examination comprises of tasks that resembles the job performed by firefighters during emergency rescue situations In addition the aptitude test is utilized to evaluate if an applicant’s fitness level is appropriate for the job.

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Common Subjects on Firefighter Tests Mathematical Reasoning / Numerical Aptitude Verbal Reasoning Abstract Reasoning Mechanical Reasoning Vocational Select Test Developed and administered by the Australian Council for Education Research the VST is a pencil and paper test consisting of 105 multiple choice questions.

Mechanical Aptitude Test Updated 2021

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Mathematical Reasoning The math section of the test includes basic math functions and graph and chart analysis Calculations on this section must be done by hand as calculators are not allowed Mechanical Reasoning Questions in the mechanical section are about tools and equipment firefighters use For example a diagram of a certain tool may.